Quest for Less – Gift Wrap Challenge

What? You can’t see in the drawer? That’s right! Because it is empty!!!! I only had one small roll of puppy print wrapping paper. The rest was all Christmas wrap, so all into a clear box and stored under the ramp in the garage with the rest of the holiday decorations. My kids are basically too old for wrapping paper and I just don’t give gifts to anyone anymore. Maybe a gift card or e-card, but nothing wrapped. So that drawer is empty – yippy skippy! 


Quest for Less – Kitchen Catchall

Every drawer is empty. A few things still need the space until I consolidate another area. Here is my work area as I sort and purge. I had a drawer full of receipts back to 2013! This was just the project I needed to get out of my head this morning. I read a statement once that the things in drawers are dirty little secrets. When we release them we become more honest. If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth keeping out to look at every day. 

Quest for Less – Housework

These quests are really working for me And my boys are on board because they have less chores too! I am down from 7 loads of dishes to 2. My laundry is one load a day, no more no less, and I am only responsible for 3 of those days. This has created so much free time. I’m loving it!

This next quest not only frees up time but also mental energy. For some reason I feel like a failure if I’m not cleaning something every day. Even when I had cleaning ladies it took hours! I looked at what I actually was doing – reactionary cleaning. If the house had a showing or my family was coming to stay I panicked. My new approach ( with the assistance of dishes & laundry off my plate) is to do as little as possible but just enough to not panic for a house showing.

Here’s the plan:

  • Monday – Clean out a drawer
  • Tuesday – Fix something
  • Wednesday – Car chores
  • Thursday – Sort some photos
  • Friday – Pick up house & wipe  Kitchen counters
  • Saturday – Dust, Vacuum & Bathrooms
  • Sunday – Nails

I know your thinking, what is nails? But in a home with boys, it’s a constant job to remind them to clip their nails! Plus – for me it’s a reminder to change my polish color and do a little mani/pedi for my self-care. 

Quest For Less – Laundry

I read an article on only doing one load a day no matter what. It simplifies the chore and even if you’re behind, simply one load a day catches things up. So I divided up what we normally wash and it fit perfectly onto seven index cards. I used a funny laundry magnet and put the card on the machine each day. 

My kids have done their own laundry for years. We use pods and that makes a world of difference from them making a mess of powder and liquid detergents. (And I always buy the best pods so I don’t have to have them check for stains. Our clothes definitely look better after I switched from cheapy detergents.) Because he does his own laundry, my 17 year old son has tailored how he shops too. He only buys dark socks and underwear so he doesn’t have to do a separate white load. Haha! 

I was so pleased with the results. No more laundry piled around the machine waiting for the next load. No more waiting for some one else to finish. I juggled what I wore more efficiently through the week and created less laundry for myself. There was also very little nagging on my part. Succes! The laundry monster has been tamed.

  • Mon – Andrew clothes
  • Tues – Andrew sheets
  • Wed –  Mom towels/whites
  • Thur – Mom clothes
  • Fri –     Josh sheets
  • Sat –    Josh clothes
  • Sun –  Mom sheets

Quest For Less -Water Glass Challenge

I start the week keeping up on the dishes. My typical Saturday morning chore is dealing with Wed-Thurs-Friday’s disaster. To elimate one whole category of mess, we are taking on the Water Glass Challenge this week. One person = one water glass. If it’s dirty it gets washed by hand. No new glass for one week.  Stay tuned next Saturday for the results! 

Resuts: An overwhelming SUCCESS! I went from one load of dishes almost every day to TWO LOADS this whole week. The boys were happy since their job is to unload the dishwasher. I was much more conscious of how many glasses I had been responsible for. Saving 5 days a week of dishwasher detergent, lots of time putting dishes in and out, and then having the counter stay clean all week…that was fantastic. 

Before the Water Glass Challenge!