Quest for Less – Kitchen Catchall

Every drawer is empty. A few things still need the space until I consolidate another area. Here is my work area as I sort and purge. I had a drawer full of receipts back to 2013! This was just the project I needed to get out of my head this morning. I read a statement once that the things in drawers are dirty little secrets. When we release them we become more honest. If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth keeping out to look at every day. 


Financial Friday on Saturday

My good intentions of getting back on track blogging are off a day. But my intention to check my bank account every morning is still On!

I feel it is a gift to myself to stay on top of my own finances. I have a tendency to push it aside and pretend it doesn’t exist, which I kind of wish it didn’t. The people who say their partner handles all the money, used to make me crazy, but I guess that means me too. Somehow, the magic money fairy will fix my money issues. 

So no magic money fairy means I must do it myself. 

For Christmas I bought myself a new Franklin Covey planner with the financial pages. I had great success with it last year but that planner got promoted to the work planner. Now I have a cute hot pink polka-dot planner that is 100% devoted to my money.

I’m hoping the action of self-care, energy & cute bring me more success in my personal finances this year.

Financial Friday – Who do you call?

Yesterday I had 3 clients make me their LAST phone call. They explained how they had talked to friends, asked lawyers and searched the interweb looking for answers. Why was I the last call?  Tax preparers know money. Especially the client’s money.

In all the cases I pulled up their prior year returns as practice and played out different scenarios. I explained complicated forms (that software makes easy!) and we worked out several possible solutions. 

Each time they asked how much do they owe me? Nothing, I said. You don’t just buy my services once a year, financial planning and advice are part of professional tax preparation. There is a reason why it’s expensive! I am the LAST phone call you need to make.

Who do you call for financial advice? 

Financial Friday – Emotional Spending

I am going to use a method from Money Love by Meadow DeVor. When I have income or expense I’m writing if it comes from a place of abundance, neutrality or scarcity. 

What I’m hoping to gain from this, is how to create love of money instead of fear. 

This week I spent all my $100 eary and I am out of gas. I made a bad decision at the grocery store and today I am feeling regret that I can’t leave the house. (I could, but I am choosing to feel this instead of fudging my own rules.) It’s time to respect myself and stop lying that I can afford it.

Financial Friday – Cash Challenge

In order to get debt paid off, I have started to put some massive action in my life to deal with this problem.This month has been the Cash Challenge.

Every Saturday I give myself  $100 for everything during the week. Food, toilet paper, gas, Tide Pods, school fundraisers, whatever. 

I am loving it! And wow, I have learned so much about my unconscious spending. The biggest thing I learned, is that I do it! Before the Cash Challenge I thought I was on a tight budget, but I was actually spending double what I am now. Cash is my new best friend.