Quest For Less – Christmas Decos


In preparation for possibly selling my house, I sorted and purged  my Christmas decorations. 

Wow   Really?!? 

Did I really haul that around through at least six moves and every year up & down steps?!? Carrying all those boxes?

It is amazing how I mindlessly chose to spend my energy. 

  • Emotional energy – storing ornaments that meant nothing emotionally and then being overwhelmed by too much that my precious ones didn’t even get put on the tree. (My tree had zero ornaments this year.)
  • Physical energy – Just thinking about how long I’ve had the excess and remembering where I lived when I bought it. Oh man, how much energy I could have saved if I hadn’t moved it and packed it.
  • Financial energy – There was some I bought but not much. Most of the ones I am donating were gifts (Really were more emotional energy –  because I felt bad just because they were a gift! )

Five boxes and a giant Christmas tree REDUCED TO two boxes and a small tree. 12 feet of floor space REDUCED TO 3 feet of floor space.

I had kept my mom’s old tree and her cardboard ornament box from when I was little. I am 53. Really!?! 50 years!?! Yes, it was time to release that energy back into the world.

The things I kept had a theme. Three small pieces from my childhood and the rest were memories that the boys and I made after I healed from the divorce. They support me, make me smile and remind me that I created a good family. 

Going forward I feel empowered. I am storing my boys’ best memories instead of drowning in feelings of what could have or should have been.

(PS – yes, the “snow” under the tree is just pillow stuffing that the dog destroyed the other day – lol)


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