Quest for Less – Housework

These quests are really working for me And my boys are on board because they have less chores too! I am down from 7 loads of dishes to 2. My laundry is one load a day, no more no less, and I am only responsible for 3 of those days. This has created so much free time. I’m loving it!

This next quest not only frees up time but also mental energy. For some reason I feel like a failure if I’m not cleaning something every day. Even when I had cleaning ladies it took hours! I looked at what I actually was doing – reactionary cleaning. If the house had a showing or my family was coming to stay I panicked. My new approach ( with the assistance of dishes & laundry off my plate) is to do as little as possible but just enough to not panic for a house showing.

Here’s the plan:

  • Monday – Clean out a drawer
  • Tuesday – Fix something
  • Wednesday – Car chores
  • Thursday – Sort some photos
  • Friday – Pick up house & wipe  Kitchen counters
  • Saturday – Dust, Vacuum & Bathrooms
  • Sunday – Nails

I know your thinking, what is nails? But in a home with boys, it’s a constant job to remind them to clip their nails! Plus – for me it’s a reminder to change my polish color and do a little mani/pedi for my self-care. 


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